A Bentleyville Christmas

This year for Christmas we decided to pack up the kids a few days before and head up to Duluth for an overnight to see the Bentleyville Tour of Lights in Duluth. It was awesome. This year, Jackson has really gotten into the whole Christmas decoration thing. And with that, we wanted to start doing one fun thing during or around Christmas. Last year it was Christmas in Tenn. and this year we decided to go see the lights. Jackson was in shock of all the fun lights and all the decor.  Noah didn’t seem to know the difference yet.

We were lucky enough to find out, by the hotel staff, that if you are at the gate before they open, they do a a cute count down when turning on the lights. After, everyone rushes through to get to Santa. The first 500 kids get a Bentleyville hat and cookies. Totally free. So we got pictures of the boys with Santa individually. So that was fun. After, we went back to the beginning and walked through all the lights. Took tons of fun pictures, of course. It was well worth the trip.

Jackson’s First Trip To The Dentist

Last Thursday, Jackson had his first dental checkup. It went so well. I was so proud of him.
The night before, I read him 3 books on going to the dentist to try and give him an idea on what may happen. The morning of, we watched a few short cartoons on the dentist. I tried to prep him for it as much as I could. As we parked in the parking lot, he started to tear up telling me he didn’t need to see the dentist because his teeth don’t hurt and none are loose. I kept telling him that they are just going to brush them really good and make sure he has the right number of teeth in his mouth. He assured me he did.
After checking him in, we took him back to the chair for him to get his teeth cleaned and counted. No tears, no crying, no nothing actually. He was very chatty. He knew some of the instruments as well. While they were talking with him, I got mine cleaned. But the whole time, I kept trying to hear what the answers were to the questions they hygienist. Especially when they asked him if he brushed his teeth every day and if mommy or daddy helped.
After, I asked if he liked the dentist and if we can go back in a few months. He said yes. So happy I am.

Charlie Brown And The Dragon

No its not a new Charlie Brown movie or book. It is what the boys were for Halloween this year. Jackson was Charlie Brown and carried around Snoopy all day. He loved it. Noah was a Dragon. I had figured since I paid for the outfit for my eldest sisters’ wedding, he could wear it again.
We actually ended up celebrating Halloween all week this year. Monday Jackson wore his costume to school, then on Tuesday we went to MOA for their Toddler Tuesday Monster Bash where they had a costume contest for all the kids in line. It was only about 5 kids at a time went up to get “judged” then they picked one out of the group, then another 5 went up, and so on. Jackson ended up winning in his group. Charlie Brown won a kite. Ironic if you ask me. But it was fun.
Thursday we went and visited Boujou at bowling in our costumes. Everyone at the bowling alley loved it. They thought they were adorable.
Friday, the big day, we ended up, for the first time, staying home and handing out candy. Jackson went trick or treating around the area a bit then got excited every time someone knocked on the door. He loved it. It was a lot of fun. Im so glad he enjoyed it.

Busy Busy Busy

So I am finally finding time to sit and a recap of September. It was hectic. With birthdays, weddings, conference, and other things in between, I am happy to say that all four of us survived.

In the beginning of the month, we celebrated Jackson turning 4 and Noah turning 1. So exciting. I cannot believe how fast time has flown and how big both boys have gotten. They are both an absolute joy. We had 2 celebrations this year. The first birthday bash was for Jackson and a few of his friends. He had so much fun. Just a good time at the house, playing outside on a beautiful day.  The next birthday bash was for both Noah and Jackson. It was a family party. Also a ton of fun. Its always nice seeing and chatting with family. They both got some awesome gifts this year as well. Tons of Legos, exciting books, and fun new toys. Not to mention a Jeep and four wheeler. Good thing we have a large basement. During the cold months thats where they will be riding them. They both seemed though to have an exciting and fun birthdays.

We also had a big addition to my side of the family this September with the wedding of my eldest sister. Not only did I gain a brother, but 2 new nephews. It was a beautiful wedding. It took place at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. We lucked out and had a beautiful day. Not to hot and no rain. Absolute perfection. Jackson and Jon both wore kilts with swords and Noah was a dragon.  Jackson and Noah were a hit. Everyone would point and say “oh how cute”. My sisters and I all tried to dress different from one another. So Katelin was a pirate, Krista wore a beautiful green dress, and I was a fairie. Wings and all. It was a fabulous time. During the kings toast, we even got our guitar player up on stage to participate in one of the skits. It was great.

The weekend after all these busy weeks preparing for birthdays and weddings, we wanted to do something just as a family, since we all had been here and there the past few weeks. Jon’s aunt Leslie got us tickets to Touch A Truck. IT WAS COOL. Jackson and Noah sat in Police cars, firetrucks, tow trucks, and so many other things. It was so much fun. I took so many pictures that I have been trying to resize so I can post them and send them off. Ugh so much to do and not enough time to do it all. But we have been having some very full weeks and weekends.  Especially Jon. He has been going to many conferences over the past few months. Even though it has been hard being home alone with the kids all the time, Jon has been learning a lot of new things, and meeting a lot of people to help him with his conference he will be hosting next year.  So as you can see, we had a very full September. Only a few more weeks till Christmas. Thinking about traveling again this year. Still deciding  🙂


And We’re Off

NOAH IS WALKING!  He has been for a few weeks but he has not really started getting the hang of the whole walking aspect.  Had to get out all the baby gates. That’s about all the baby proofing I really do besides covering the outlets.  He enjoys playing fetch by himself. He throws it, walks to it, throws it again. Keeps him entertained. Which is nice.  He can only take a few steps at a time before he falls, but still, he is pretty well balanced.  He is growing like a weed and eating everything I give him. I really have not found anything he doesn’t like so far, which is nice.

Jackson is doing well also. He LOVES going to school every Thursday. With him turning 4 next month, he can go into a new class with new kids and do 2 days a week. We’re going to work up to 3-4 days a week. We have loads of options when it comes to school.  Last month, I took him to see Thomas at the Children’s Museum. Had an awesome time. Had loads of fun playing with Thomas and all his friends.

I have been trying to take the kids out as much as I can these past months due to the fact that for the next 2-3, they are going to be crazy. With birthdays, weddings, and conferences, we are booked solid for the next 2-3 months.  We are trying to figure out how to fit everything in. Hopefully after the wedding, things can calm down a bit. Even though we are in the mists of planning next years PHP Conference.

Crazy June

We have had a very fun month of June.

Jackson started up “Fun With 3’s” for the summer. He loves it. It gives him something just for him every Thursday and lets me spend some one on one time with Noah. Jackson has been very active also this month. Playing with friends, going to Choo Choo Bobs, getting stitches, and going to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the Children’s Museum. So it has been very busy.

Stitches most likely caught your attention. Jacksons first major ER visit. He was just fine. 3 stitches the Saturday before Fathers Day. Bumped his head on the corner of the wall while running to the  bathroom. It happens. He did very well at the hospital. Cried only a bit but was super while getting stitched. I was so shocked. Then today he had the stitches removed and did very well during that.

On Wednesday I dropped off Noah at my moms, since she did not work that day, and had a mommy and Jackson day at the Children’s Museum. We spent about 2 hours just playing on the giant train table they had. I did drag him away at one point to go to the other other exhibits but, of course, I was dragged back to the Thomas Exhibit. For lunch we went to Mickey’s Diner. It was so great to spend a day with just Jackson. Once in awhile. Soon I’ll be able to have those days with Noah. Oh I can’t wait.

Noah is 8 months and growing like a weed. He wants to stand all the time. Pulling himself up on things and letting go. Two teeth so far have come in and I know there are more trying to push their way through. Sleep is something that does not happen too much some days. At night he tends to wake about every 2 hours because his gums hurt. I just keep telling myself that tomorrow will be better. Sometimes Jackson lets me take a nap while Noah does. He’s so nice.

Other than the boys, Jon and I are doing well. I have been busy helping my eldest sister plan her wedding. I am so excited for her. It is going to be such a blast. I also just realized the other day that I am finally going to have a brother 🙂 . I also realized that he is lactose intolerant 🙁 . But I do like him. He is a very nice, normal guy. I just hope he realizes what kind of family he’s joining :P.

Busy Busy Busy

I realize I missed writing last month. We have been busy with a lot around our house lately. Noah is crawling, doing a little talking, and pulling himself up. He now can go from crawling to standing with no problem. Walking soon? Maybe.. We shall see. Noah has also starting on a few “solid” foods. Mostly just rice cereal and oatmeal. But I did take a day and make baby food. So far he has liked carrots, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and every fruit I have given him so far. He seems to be enjoying being fed with a spoon just like his older brother.
Jackson has noticed a huge change when it comes to Noah and being mobile. He now has to make sure his legos are up and off the floor. But he does seem to enjoy it. Chasing Noah around. Jackson has also been really liking school. He asks me everyday if he gets to go today or not. I will be signing him up for a summer course with “Fun With 3’s” this summer. I figure it will help keep him busy and give him one day a week to play without me or Noah around. Other than that, Jackson is doing well. Very excited about finally being able to go outside and play in the sandbox, kick a ball, play baseball, and play in the dirt.
Jon and I are doing well. I am busy with helping my sister plan her wedding. Since I will be holding her shower at my house, I am working really hard to get the back yard done. I want to fix it up so it looks nice. Jackson is really excited about it as well. He can’t wait to start helping me shovel and move rock. Actually I think he is just excited about playing with rocks. Noah will be getting a lot of sun as well. I have a round puppy pen that I can put him in while we are outside. That way he can still move around and play.
Jon is doing well. He really enjoys working downtown and taking the light rail to work everyday. He is leaving for New York soon and will only be there a very short time for a small visit. He is very excited. I am as well. I have lots planned for the boys and I while Jon is away. Gotta keep them busy. Jon also just had a birthday recently. We had a wonderful family day where at the end we went to Kahn’s for dinner. I let him choose. It was, as always, delicious. For his birthday the boys and I got him a Jawbone. Its like a fitbit but different. He really likes it. The boys seem to really be able to pick out great gifts for their dad.

Coming In Like A Lion

For us, March has been coming in like a lion. Not talking about the weather, even though it is. I turned a quick 29 this month. And quick I mean it was a quick week for Jon had his PHP Conference that next week. So we were very busy preparing for that. From what we have gathered so far from the questionnaire we sent out after the conference, it was a big hit this year. And now we begin the task of thinking up ways to make it better for next year.
Jackson finished his quarter in his “Fun With 3’s Class”. Today was track and field. I don’t know why, but I volunteered to help. It was crazy. It was held at the Eagan Civic Center with all the kids from all the different classes the city offers. Jackson had a wonderful time. Got so worn out he came home, ate lunch, then told me he needed to take a nap. How wonderful. Just glad though he had a fun time. Class starts back up again next week.
Noah is doing great. He is trying so hard to crawl. Right now he just does the military like crawl to get around and get what he wants. So I am planning on him being on all fours in no time. Poor Jackson. Noah is also started to “talk”. Lots of M’s, D’s, and B’s. Im more trying to get the J’s started with him so he can say “Jack”.


By now, most everyone know Jackson likes lego’s. So, since my mom had yesterday off, she came over and watched Noah so I could take Jackson to see The Lego Movie. It was awesome. It was Jackson’s first time to see a movie in a movie theater, and the best part was, since it was the middle of the weeks and the middle of the day, we were two of three people in the whole theater. It was great. So when Jackson would say “it’s batman” I didn’t have to tell him to be quiet. We really enjoyed it. So glad I was able to take him. It is an awesome movie. I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did.

4 Months And Growing

Noah had his 4 month check up a few weeks ago. He is 25 inches long and about 15 lbs, happy, healthy, and perfect. Starting to sleep a little more and more longer through the night, but naps during the day are almost obsolete. 20 minutes here and there are about all I get most of the time. I have this feeling Noah is going to start walking or crawling real soon. He watches Jackson run around, and all he does is lay on the floor kicking, wanting to move and chase Jackson around. I feel as though it will be soon. Then Jackson is really going to have to start picking up is toys a little more or else he will have to learn to share better.

Jackson is doing well in school. I have signed him up for next quarter. I want to keep it going for as long as we can just so he gets used to the idea of school. We go to the library to get books on going to school and once in a while I buy him a book on school. He also no longer has a nuk at night. So we are now nuk free. Except for Noah. He’s the only one. I figured since Jackson is now big enough for school, he is big enough to get rid of his night time nuk. I haven’t had any problems yet.