One Week and Two Big Mile Stones

So this past week has been filled with 2 big mile stones from Jackson.
On Friday, Jon and I surprised Jackson by converting his toddler bed into his full size bed. Bought him a new mattress and a set of flannel sheets for the winter. He was thrilled when he came home and saw his surprise in his bedroom. Noah also enjoys Jacksons new bed. Before bed, we read stories, and we all can fit in Jacksons new bed.

The other big miles stone is I registered Jackson for Kindergarten. Jon and I went to Kindergarten open house to meet the teachers and ask questions. I am so excited for him to start. He seems pretty excited as well. Then after Jackson starts Kindergarten, Noah gets to start school as well. One day a week for 2 1/2 hours. I think he will like it as well.

And We Being A New Year

With the endless Christmas we had last year, I was unable to blog about our December. But now I finally have a break and I can write about it:

December started off with me taking Jackson to see The Peanuts Movie. It was awesome. It is now my second favorite Peanuts movie (it beat out Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown). My all time will always be Bon Voyage Charlie Brown. We had a lot of fun, just Jackson and Me. Popcorn for lunch, and reclining seats made his day. But that was not the only movie Jackson went to see in theaters, Jon took him to see The Good Dinosaur. Again, Jackson had a great time. Popcorn and candy for dinner. He was so excited. I got to stay home with Noah and we also had a good time. I got out his inflatable ball house and we played in that for an hour before he got tired.

Jackson finished up his first semester of pre-school. He has been so excited about going back since break. Starting in January, he will be going to pre-school full time. He is so excited about getting to say all day there with his friends, who some, stay all day. Noah is also very excited about this. More alone time with mom and in the playroom. Noah has not been much of a fan the past few weeks since Jackson has been home and not going to school. Ill have to find some summer programs for Jackson to attend so Noah can have his alone time during the summer. Even if it is once a week.

Jackson will also be starting swimming soon. I chose swimming because he had fun the last time he took lessons, so I thought we could try it again then see what he wants to do next year for a winter/spring sport.

Noah is doing well. His vocabulary is amazing and loves to talk and have conversations. He is getting so big and as silly as can be. I am excited for when he starts school.

Christmas was great. It is always nice seeing family and playing catchup. We had about 4 Christmases this year. They were spaced out nicely. We were able to have one day at home in between them so the kids could play with their new toys and watch their new movies.

Jon and I are doing well. Keeping busy with the kids and excited to see what the new year will bring. Hopefully some good time are ahead.

And The Holidays Begin

We are now starting to begin the holiday portion of the year. It has been loads of fun putting up decor and watching Jackson get so excited about each holiday that is upon us.

We went to three Thanksgivings this year. Jon and I have decided that we don’t need to have turkey again until next Thanksgiving. Which is fine for me, not my favorite, but won’t pass it up.  But it is always nice getting together with family and friends. Jackson and Noah love the fall decor everywhere we go. All the pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere.

But now with Thanksgiving over, we have moved on to Christmas. The night of Thanksgiving, while the boys were asleep, I put up my Christmas tree in the front room to surprise Jackson and Noah Friday morning. Jackson LOVED IT. Then they helped me put of the rest of the decor, which meant playing with everything before I put it where it belongs. We have, like usual, two trees again this year. One up stairs in the front room that has all of my bulbs and glass ornaments, and the second tree is by the bar where the boys have their tree with all unbreakable Christmas ornaments on it. It was fun watching Noah try and hang ornaments. He could not decide where to hang them most of the time. It was cute. So now Jackson is all excited for when Christmas arrives. We have and advent calendar to help him count down. So that he knows when Christmas will actually be.

We also had conferences with Jacksons’ preschool teacher. Jackson is doing well in school. He loves it actually, but who wouldn’t love playing all day with other kids. She likes how he talks very well, tells great stories, and plays well with others. She’s more surprised that he can write his own name with no help most of the time. We have been doing a lot of writing at home to help with that. He is doing great in school and enjoying going the 3 days a week part time. Soon he will be, hopefully, going full time.

To end November, we decided, on a whim, to go to Loring Park today for their Holiday Village, Macy’s 8th Floor, and dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. We had such a fun night. We got to see Santa at the park, take lots of pictures at Macy’s, and have delicious food at Rock Bottom. And now looking at the forecast, it looks like snow is moving in. Jackson is going to be so happy! He’s been dreaming about snow. The amount we got on Thanksgiving was ok, but he wants more. Can’t wait for snowman, sledding, and snowballs!

Busy But Having Fun

So I have been the one who has been busy these past few weeks. I have been the one going out of town, going to “girls nights”, and other activities that involve the family.

The last weekend of September, my father, two sisters, and I all went on a trip together to South Dakota to do the Volksmarch at Crazy Horse National Park. It was amazing. Its a 10K hike where you end standing on the arm of the mountain. It was so beautiful. I am so happy I got to experience it with my father and sisters. We then went to Mount Rushmore and Wall Drug (because you just have to). It was a 3 day, 2 night trip.

I have also been invited to do a few “girls nights” this month. Pampered Chef, Origami Owl, just to name a few. They are fun. And it is nice to talk to another adult once in a while and not just about baby, toddler, and children things.

We also did a quick trip down to Tennessee this year. It was seriously a quick trip. My grandparents needed help installing some things on their computer and getting a few things to run. Wish we could have stayed longer but maybe another trip is in the near future.

Something AWESOME also happened this month, my Noah turned 2! I am still in shock that he is two. He has been getting so big, his vocabulary is huge! He has so many words that he can say, and can do 3-4 word sentences. He is an amazing little guy and so much fun. He is the best at getting Jackson’s attention. He just repeats “Jack” over and over and over until Jackson replies.

Jackson is doing well also. He LOVES preschool. Likes being 5 because he knows now he can do more things and participate in more activities. I love the fact also that he has been really having fun with decorating for the seasons. We put up some fall decor and we brought home some Christmas Houses from my grandmothers and he is so excited about Christmas now, its so fun to decorate. We are having so much fun. Except when he wants to buy lots of things at the stores. But thankfully, he doesn’t throw fits when I say no. Luckily.

How Fast Time Has Gone

This September, though not over yet, has been a very busy month. Every year, this month always seems to be the fullest for us.  t Jon and I have had every weekend reserved for some festival, fair, birthday, or wedding.  This September, we have had 3 weddings, 2 festivals, 2 birthdays, and many family outings.

It started off with Jackson turning 5 this month. I cannot believe he is already 5!  We had his birthday at Choo Choo Bobs and was SO MUCH FUN! Jackson was counting down the days. It was a fantastic day. He had so much fun.  After his birthday, that Monday, he started his first day of preschool. Oh was he excited. He knew that when he turned 5, he got to start preschool. So far, he has loved it. Then again, he has always liked school so far.

We have also done Renaissance Festival, State Fair, a Wild Rice Festival, and Powwow. And the month is not even over yet. We still have next weekend that is packed full of fun actives as well. We are hoping that next month is not as busy but so far, our weekends are starting to fill up with fun family activities.

A Day Out With Thomas 2015

Took the kids on a train ride this week. Thomas the Train was up in Duluth for A Day Out With Thomas. It was so much fun. Even though the weather was not cooperating, we still had a great time. We got to ride on Thomas and see some of the North Shore, play on train tables, climb on real trains at the Depot, and buy a train in the gift shop. The boys were so excited. Its all they had been talking about for a few weeks.
While we were up there, we also went to Canal Park and walked around, saw a long cargo ship carrying corn make its way into the harbor, went to Bent Paddle Brew House to buy a growler, saw a friend who live up in Duluth, and finished up with dinner at The Tavern On The Hill. It was very good. The drive up and home was not bad at all. Noah napped on the way up and both slept the whole drive home. Its always nice to wear them out and made for a quiet drive home.

The Fourth

We have had a fun month so far. We have been trying to find fun, family things to do at least one day on the weekend.  One weekend we went to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, went for a walk around Minnehaha Falls, parks, zoo, and of course the parade on the fourth. Jackson had so much fun and got a ton of candy and other fun things. After, we went to a bbq and just hung out with some really fun people. Saw lots of fireworks on our way home. So fun.

Jackson is still playing soccer. It ends at the end of this month. He likes it. He has tons of fun and loves the running and kicking. He also is still doing the Wacky Wednesdays. Its great having him in some type of school setting during the summer. All he talks about is how excited he is for when he turns 5 he gets to start pre-school.

Noah has been nicknamed trouble. He is talking, a lot now. Lots of words, lots of expression. Its awesome to listen to him get excited over something and be able to speak few words about it. He loves to run, jump on things, and get into as much trouble as he can.  He also has become very independent.  I think it is more because he older brother is being more independent and he wants to be as well. But it is how it is. We are having so much fun though the days that its just him and I. He loves being read to and just playing.


Tonight was a special night. We took Jackson to his first baseball game, the St. Paul Saints, and it was my favorite uncle’s 50th birthday. So for his birthday, he took all of his family and friends to CHS Stadium to see the Saints play the Joplin Blazers. It was a ton of fun. First thing we did was get Jackson a baseball hat because he has been talking about how he needs a baseball hat. Then we sat with family and watched the game. Jon taught Jackson who to cheer for our team. “Swing batter, batter” and “Strike him out” he shouted throughout most of the game. It was so funny. Then after the game, our whole group got to go down onto the outfield and take pictures. It was so great! All the way home he kept telling us how he can not wait to go to another baseball game. Not only because he got some fun souvenirs; a baseball, hat, and helmet; but that he just had so much fun. A Twins game might be in the future but I think we may go see the Saints again sooner. And maybe bring Noah next time.

Our next adventure, Soccer. Starts tomorrow. Hopefully Jackson will get enough sleep tonight

Here, There, Everywhere

Our family has been everywhere these past two months. April was all about Jon though. It started out with Easter. We celebrated with my side this year. I got to see family that I only get to see once a year. So that was nice. Then another conference for Jon. Then, the most important, Jon and I took a trip, just the two of us, to celebrate our birthdays. We went to Vegas for 3 days. It was a ton of fun. We walked up and down the strip, saw all the hotels and casinos, saw all the fun free shows, and just had a relaxing, fun time. It was a wonderful birthday present to the both of us.
Jackson has been having a wonderful time in his “Tiny Tots” class he has 3 days a week. He has been working on writing, and the comprehension of reading. He loves school so far. But who wouldn’t when it is mostly playtime most of the day. With summer approaching, I have been brainstorming ideas for things to keep Jackson and Noah busy. Jackson is a bit harder than Noah. So far Jackson is signed up for 1 school program, Wacky Wednesdays. Just so that he has a day to play with lots of kids. And also Soccer for 2 days a week for a few weeks. Im hoping he likes it. We have been kicking the ball around outside when it is nice out to get him ready. It is just basically the fundamentals of the game. Other than those two, I am putting together a bag full of ideas of things we can do during the week. That way Jackson can pick something fun to do on the days he has free.
Noah is doing well. He is being mischievous as usual. Loves running, climbing, and getting into everything he is not suppose to. But he is a ton of fun.

What Month Is It?

It has been crazy these past few months. All February, Jon and I were busy getting together a conference that we have started to put together every year. This was our 3rd year, but our 2nd putting it together by ourselves. It was insane. More stress this year due to the fact we sold out a month before the date, and I had a few special people coming with dietary restrictions. One with no gluten and one whom was Kosher. Lots of running around all February. Lots of last minuet decisions, and changes. But it went off with no big problems. We had lots of great talks, wonderful food, and fun people this year. We have even started planning next year.
During all this conference prep, we celebrated me turning 30. We did not do anything too special, just my usual things. But it was still a fun day. Jackson went to school that morning, so Noah and I got to go out and run around, then Jackson came home and him and I had fun together while Noah napped. It was a very fun day.
Other than that, we are all doing well. Noah is almost 18 months and growing like a weed. He says a few words but still his main is Dad. It is so cute.
Jackson is signed up for preschool starting this fall. His is overly excited to start at a new school. But for now he is still going to be going through the Eagan Community Pre-preschool. He loves it and it can be an all year round school if it is something we decide. And since we did all year round last year, Im thinking we may do the same thing this year. It gives him something to do, time to play with kids his own age, and gives me and Noah some one on one time. Soon Noah will start the program as well.