One Week and Two Big Mile Stones

So this past week has been filled with 2 big mile stones from Jackson.
On Friday, Jon and I surprised Jackson by converting his toddler bed into his full size bed. Bought him a new mattress and a set of flannel sheets for the winter. He was thrilled when he came home and saw his surprise in his bedroom. Noah also enjoys Jacksons new bed. Before bed, we read stories, and we all can fit in Jacksons new bed.

The other big miles stone is I registered Jackson for Kindergarten. Jon and I went to Kindergarten open house to meet the teachers and ask questions. I am so excited for him to start. He seems pretty excited as well. Then after Jackson starts Kindergarten, Noah gets to start school as well. One day a week for 2 1/2 hours. I think he will like it as well.