And We Being A New Year

With the endless Christmas we had last year, I was unable to blog about our December. But now I finally have a break and I can write about it:

December started off with me taking Jackson to see The Peanuts Movie. It was awesome. It is now my second favorite Peanuts movie (it beat out Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown). My all time will always be Bon Voyage Charlie Brown. We had a lot of fun, just Jackson and Me. Popcorn for lunch, and reclining seats made his day. But that was not the only movie Jackson went to see in theaters, Jon took him to see The Good Dinosaur. Again, Jackson had a great time. Popcorn and candy for dinner. He was so excited. I got to stay home with Noah and we also had a good time. I got out his inflatable ball house and we played in that for an hour before he got tired.

Jackson finished up his first semester of pre-school. He has been so excited about going back since break. Starting in January, he will be going to pre-school full time. He is so excited about getting to say all day there with his friends, who some, stay all day. Noah is also very excited about this. More alone time with mom and in the playroom. Noah has not been much of a fan the past few weeks since Jackson has been home and not going to school. Ill have to find some summer programs for Jackson to attend so Noah can have his alone time during the summer. Even if it is once a week.

Jackson will also be starting swimming soon. I chose swimming because he had fun the last time he took lessons, so I thought we could try it again then see what he wants to do next year for a winter/spring sport.

Noah is doing well. His vocabulary is amazing and loves to talk and have conversations. He is getting so big and as silly as can be. I am excited for when he starts school.

Christmas was great. It is always nice seeing family and playing catchup. We had about 4 Christmases this year. They were spaced out nicely. We were able to have one day at home in between them so the kids could play with their new toys and watch their new movies.

Jon and I are doing well. Keeping busy with the kids and excited to see what the new year will bring. Hopefully some good time are ahead.