And The Holidays Begin

We are now starting to begin the holiday portion of the year. It has been loads of fun putting up decor and watching Jackson get so excited about each holiday that is upon us.

We went to three Thanksgivings this year. Jon and I have decided that we don’t need to have turkey again until next Thanksgiving. Which is fine for me, not my favorite, but won’t pass it up. ┬áBut it is always nice getting together with family and friends. Jackson and Noah love the fall decor everywhere we go. All the pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere.

But now with Thanksgiving over, we have moved on to Christmas. The night of Thanksgiving, while the boys were asleep, I put up my Christmas tree in the front room to surprise Jackson and Noah Friday morning. Jackson LOVED IT. Then they helped me put of the rest of the decor, which meant playing with everything before I put it where it belongs. We have, like usual, two trees again this year. One up stairs in the front room that has all of my bulbs and glass ornaments, and the second tree is by the bar where the boys have their tree with all unbreakable Christmas ornaments on it. It was fun watching Noah try and hang ornaments. He could not decide where to hang them most of the time. It was cute. So now Jackson is all excited for when Christmas arrives. We have and advent calendar to help him count down. So that he knows when Christmas will actually be.

We also had conferences with Jacksons’ preschool teacher. Jackson is doing well in school. He loves it actually, but who wouldn’t love playing all day with other kids. She likes how he talks very well, tells great stories, and plays well with others. She’s more surprised that he can write his own name with no help most of the time. We have been doing a lot of writing at home to help with that. He is doing great in school and enjoying going the 3 days a week part time. Soon he will be, hopefully, going full time.

To end November, we decided, on a whim, to go to Loring Park today for their Holiday Village, Macy’s 8th Floor, and dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. We had such a fun night. We got to see Santa at the park, take lots of pictures at Macy’s, and have delicious food at Rock Bottom. And now looking at the forecast, it looks like snow is moving in. Jackson is going to be so happy! He’s been dreaming about snow. The amount we got on Thanksgiving was ok, but he wants more. Can’t wait for snowman, sledding, and snowballs!