Busy But Having Fun

So I have been the one who has been busy these past few weeks. I have been the one going out of town, going to “girls nights”, and other activities that involve the family.

The last weekend of September, my father, two sisters, and I all went on a trip together to South Dakota to do the Volksmarch at Crazy Horse National Park. It was amazing. Its a 10K hike where you end standing on the arm of the mountain. It was so beautiful. I am so happy I got to experience it with my father and sisters. We then went to Mount Rushmore and Wall Drug (because you just have to). It was a 3 day, 2 night trip.

I have also been invited to do a few “girls nights” this month. Pampered Chef, Origami Owl, just to name a few. They are fun. And it is nice to talk to another adult once in a while and not just about baby, toddler, and children things.

We also did a quick trip down to Tennessee this year. It was seriously a quick trip. My grandparents needed help installing some things on their computer and getting a few things to run. Wish we could have stayed longer but maybe another trip is in the near future.

Something AWESOME also happened this month, my Noah turned 2! I am still in shock that he is two. He has been getting so big, his vocabulary is huge! He has so many words that he can say, and can do 3-4 word sentences. He is an amazing little guy and so much fun. He is the best at getting Jackson’s attention. He just repeats “Jack” over and over and over until Jackson replies.

Jackson is doing well also. He LOVES preschool. Likes being 5 because he knows now he can do more things and participate in more activities. I love the fact also that he has been really having fun with decorating for the seasons. We put up some fall decor and we brought home some Christmas Houses from my grandmothers and he is so excited about Christmas now, its so fun to decorate. We are having so much fun. Except when he wants to buy lots of things at the stores. But thankfully, he doesn’t throw fits when I say no. Luckily.