How Fast Time Has Gone

This September, though not over yet, has been a very busy month. Every year, this month always seems to be the fullest for us.  t Jon and I have had every weekend reserved for some festival, fair, birthday, or wedding.  This September, we have had 3 weddings, 2 festivals, 2 birthdays, and many family outings.

It started off with Jackson turning 5 this month. I cannot believe he is already 5!  We had his birthday at Choo Choo Bobs and was SO MUCH FUN! Jackson was counting down the days. It was a fantastic day. He had so much fun.  After his birthday, that Monday, he started his first day of preschool. Oh was he excited. He knew that when he turned 5, he got to start preschool. So far, he has loved it. Then again, he has always liked school so far.

We have also done Renaissance Festival, State Fair, a Wild Rice Festival, and Powwow. And the month is not even over yet. We still have next weekend that is packed full of fun actives as well. We are hoping that next month is not as busy but so far, our weekends are starting to fill up with fun family activities.