The Fourth

We have had a fun month so far. We have been trying to find fun, family things to do at least one day on the weekend.  One weekend we went to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, went for a walk around Minnehaha Falls, parks, zoo, and of course the parade on the fourth. Jackson had so much fun and got a ton of candy and other fun things. After, we went to a bbq and just hung out with some really fun people. Saw lots of fireworks on our way home. So fun.

Jackson is still playing soccer. It ends at the end of this month. He likes it. He has tons of fun and loves the running and kicking. He also is still doing the Wacky Wednesdays. Its great having him in some type of school setting during the summer. All he talks about is how excited he is for when he turns 5 he gets to start pre-school.

Noah has been nicknamed trouble. He is talking, a lot now. Lots of words, lots of expression. Its awesome to listen to him get excited over something and be able to speak few words about it. He loves to run, jump on things, and get into as much trouble as he can.  He also has become very independent.  I think it is more because he older brother is being more independent and he wants to be as well. But it is how it is. We are having so much fun though the days that its just him and I. He loves being read to and just playing.