Tonight was a special night. We took Jackson to his first baseball game, the St. Paul Saints, and it was my favorite uncle’s 50th birthday. So for his birthday, he took all of his family and friends to CHS Stadium to see the Saints play the Joplin Blazers. It was a ton of fun. First thing we did was get Jackson a baseball hat because he has been talking about how he needs a baseball hat. Then we sat with family and watched the game. Jon taught Jackson who to cheer for our team. “Swing batter, batter” and “Strike him out” he shouted throughout most of the game. It was so funny. Then after the game, our whole group got to go down onto the outfield and take pictures. It was so great! All the way home he kept telling us how he can not wait to go to another baseball game. Not only because he got some fun souvenirs; a baseball, hat, and helmet; but that he just had so much fun. A Twins game might be in the future but I think we may go see the Saints again sooner. And maybe bring Noah next time.

Our next adventure, Soccer. Starts tomorrow. Hopefully Jackson will get enough sleep tonight