Here, There, Everywhere

Our family has been everywhere these past two months. April was all about Jon though. It started out with Easter. We celebrated with my side this year. I got to see family that I only get to see once a year. So that was nice. Then another conference for Jon. Then, the most important, Jon and I took a trip, just the two of us, to celebrate our birthdays. We went to Vegas for 3 days. It was a ton of fun. We walked up and down the strip, saw all the hotels and casinos, saw all the fun free shows, and just had a relaxing, fun time. It was a wonderful birthday present to the both of us.
Jackson has been having a wonderful time in his “Tiny Tots” class he has 3 days a week. He has been working on writing, and the comprehension of reading. He loves school so far. But who wouldn’t when it is mostly playtime most of the day. With summer approaching, I have been brainstorming ideas for things to keep Jackson and Noah busy. Jackson is a bit harder than Noah. So far Jackson is signed up for 1 school program, Wacky Wednesdays. Just so that he has a day to play with lots of kids. And also Soccer for 2 days a week for a few weeks. Im hoping he likes it. We have been kicking the ball around outside when it is nice out to get him ready. It is just basically the fundamentals of the game. Other than those two, I am putting together a bag full of ideas of things we can do during the week. That way Jackson can pick something fun to do on the days he has free.
Noah is doing well. He is being mischievous as usual. Loves running, climbing, and getting into everything he is not suppose to. But he is a ton of fun.