What Month Is It?

It has been crazy these past few months. All February, Jon and I were busy getting together a conference that we have started to put together every year. This was our 3rd year, but our 2nd putting it together by ourselves. It was insane. More stress this year due to the fact we sold out a month before the date, and I had a few special people coming with dietary restrictions. One with no gluten and one whom was Kosher. Lots of running around all February. Lots of last minuet decisions, and changes. But it went off with no big problems. We had lots of great talks, wonderful food, and fun people this year. We have even started planning next year.
During all this conference prep, we celebrated me turning 30. We did not do anything too special, just my usual things. But it was still a fun day. Jackson went to school that morning, so Noah and I got to go out and run around, then Jackson came home and him and I had fun together while Noah napped. It was a very fun day.
Other than that, we are all doing well. Noah is almost 18 months and growing like a weed. He says a few words but still his main is Dad. It is so cute.
Jackson is signed up for preschool starting this fall. His is overly excited to start at a new school. But for now he is still going to be going through the Eagan Community Pre-preschool. He loves it and it can be an all year round school if it is something we decide. And since we did all year round last year, Im thinking we may do the same thing this year. It gives him something to do, time to play with kids his own age, and gives me and Noah some one on one time. Soon Noah will start the program as well.