Jackson’s First Trip To The Dentist

Last Thursday, Jackson had his first dental checkup. It went so well. I was so proud of him.
The night before, I read him 3 books on going to the dentist to try and give him an idea on what may happen. The morning of, we watched a few short cartoons on the dentist. I tried to prep him for it as much as I could. As we parked in the parking lot, he started to tear up telling me he didn’t need to see the dentist because his teeth don’t hurt and none are loose. I kept telling him that they are just going to brush them really good and make sure he has the right number of teeth in his mouth. He assured me he did.
After checking him in, we took him back to the chair for him to get his teeth cleaned and counted. No tears, no crying, no nothing actually. He was very chatty. He knew some of the instruments as well. While they were talking with him, I got mine cleaned. But the whole time, I kept trying to hear what the answers were to the questions they hygienist. Especially when they asked him if he brushed his teeth every day and if mommy or daddy helped.
After, I asked if he liked the dentist and if we can go back in a few months. He said yes. So happy I am.

Charlie Brown And The Dragon

No its not a new Charlie Brown movie or book. It is what the boys were for Halloween this year. Jackson was Charlie Brown and carried around Snoopy all day. He loved it. Noah was a Dragon. I had figured since I paid for the outfit for my eldest sisters’ wedding, he could wear it again.
We actually ended up celebrating Halloween all week this year. Monday Jackson wore his costume to school, then on Tuesday we went to MOA for their Toddler Tuesday Monster Bash where they had a costume contest for all the kids in line. It was only about 5 kids at a time went up to get “judged” then they picked one out of the group, then another 5 went up, and so on. Jackson ended up winning in his group. Charlie Brown won a kite. Ironic if you ask me. But it was fun.
Thursday we went and visited Boujou at bowling in our costumes. Everyone at the bowling alley loved it. They thought they were adorable.
Friday, the big day, we ended up, for the first time, staying home and handing out candy. Jackson went trick or treating around the area a bit then got excited every time someone knocked on the door. He loved it. It was a lot of fun. Im so glad he enjoyed it.