Busy Busy Busy

So I am finally finding time to sit and a recap of September. It was hectic. With birthdays, weddings, conference, and other things in between, I am happy to say that all four of us survived.

In the beginning of the month, we celebrated Jackson turning 4 and Noah turning 1. So exciting. I cannot believe how fast time has flown and how big both boys have gotten. They are both an absolute joy. We had 2 celebrations this year. The first birthday bash was for Jackson and a few of his friends. He had so much fun. Just a good time at the house, playing outside on a beautiful day.  The next birthday bash was for both Noah and Jackson. It was a family party. Also a ton of fun. Its always nice seeing and chatting with family. They both got some awesome gifts this year as well. Tons of Legos, exciting books, and fun new toys. Not to mention a Jeep and four wheeler. Good thing we have a large basement. During the cold months thats where they will be riding them. They both seemed though to have an exciting and fun birthdays.

We also had a big addition to my side of the family this September with the wedding of my eldest sister. Not only did I gain a brother, but 2 new nephews. It was a beautiful wedding. It took place at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. We lucked out and had a beautiful day. Not to hot and no rain. Absolute perfection. Jackson and Jon both wore kilts with swords and Noah was a dragon.  Jackson and Noah were a hit. Everyone would point and say “oh how cute”. My sisters and I all tried to dress different from one another. So Katelin was a pirate, Krista wore a beautiful green dress, and I was a fairie. Wings and all. It was a fabulous time. During the kings toast, we even got our guitar player up on stage to participate in one of the skits. It was great.

The weekend after all these busy weeks preparing for birthdays and weddings, we wanted to do something just as a family, since we all had been here and there the past few weeks. Jon’s aunt Leslie got us tickets to Touch A Truck. IT WAS COOL. Jackson and Noah sat in Police cars, firetrucks, tow trucks, and so many other things. It was so much fun. I took so many pictures that I have been trying to resize so I can post them and send them off. Ugh so much to do and not enough time to do it all. But we have been having some very full weeks and weekends.  Especially Jon. He has been going to many conferences over the past few months. Even though it has been hard being home alone with the kids all the time, Jon has been learning a lot of new things, and meeting a lot of people to help him with his conference he will be hosting next year.  So as you can see, we had a very full September. Only a few more weeks till Christmas. Thinking about traveling again this year. Still deciding  🙂