Crazy June

We have had a very fun month of June.

Jackson started up “Fun With 3’s” for the summer. He loves it. It gives him something just for him every Thursday and lets me spend some one on one time with Noah. Jackson has been very active also this month. Playing with friends, going to Choo Choo Bobs, getting stitches, and going to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the Children’s Museum. So it has been very busy.

Stitches most likely caught your attention. Jacksons first major ER visit. He was just fine. 3 stitches the Saturday before Fathers Day. Bumped his head on the corner of the wall while running to the  bathroom. It happens. He did very well at the hospital. Cried only a bit but was super while getting stitched. I was so shocked. Then today he had the stitches removed and did very well during that.

On Wednesday I dropped off Noah at my moms, since she did not work that day, and had a mommy and Jackson day at the Children’s Museum. We spent about 2 hours just playing on the giant train table they had. I did drag him away at one point to go to the other other exhibits but, of course, I was dragged back to the Thomas Exhibit. For lunch we went to Mickey’s Diner. It was so great to spend a day with just Jackson. Once in awhile. Soon I’ll be able to have those days with Noah. Oh I can’t wait.

Noah is 8 months and growing like a weed. He wants to stand all the time. Pulling himself up on things and letting go. Two teeth so far have come in and I know there are more trying to push their way through. Sleep is something that does not happen too much some days. At night he tends to wake about every 2 hours because his gums hurt. I just keep telling myself that tomorrow will be better. Sometimes Jackson lets me take a nap while Noah does. He’s so nice.

Other than the boys, Jon and I are doing well. I have been busy helping my eldest sister plan her wedding. I am so excited for her. It is going to be such a blast. I also just realized the other day that I am finally going to have a brother 🙂 . I also realized that he is lactose intolerant 🙁 . But I do like him. He is a very nice, normal guy. I just hope he realizes what kind of family he’s joining :P.