Busy Busy Busy

I realize I missed writing last month. We have been busy with a lot around our house lately. Noah is crawling, doing a little talking, and pulling himself up. He now can go from crawling to standing with no problem. Walking soon? Maybe.. We shall see. Noah has also starting on a few “solid” foods. Mostly just rice cereal and oatmeal. But I did take a day and make baby food. So far he has liked carrots, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and every fruit I have given him so far. He seems to be enjoying being fed with a spoon just like his older brother.
Jackson has noticed a huge change when it comes to Noah and being mobile. He now has to make sure his legos are up and off the floor. But he does seem to enjoy it. Chasing Noah around. Jackson has also been really liking school. He asks me everyday if he gets to go today or not. I will be signing him up for a summer course with “Fun With 3’s” this summer. I figure it will help keep him busy and give him one day a week to play without me or Noah around. Other than that, Jackson is doing well. Very excited about finally being able to go outside and play in the sandbox, kick a ball, play baseball, and play in the dirt.
Jon and I are doing well. I am busy with helping my sister plan her wedding. Since I will be holding her shower at my house, I am working really hard to get the back yard done. I want to fix it up so it looks nice. Jackson is really excited about it as well. He can’t wait to start helping me shovel and move rock. Actually I think he is just excited about playing with rocks. Noah will be getting a lot of sun as well. I have a round puppy pen that I can put him in while we are outside. That way he can still move around and play.
Jon is doing well. He really enjoys working downtown and taking the light rail to work everyday. He is leaving for New York soon and will only be there a very short time for a small visit. He is very excited. I am as well. I have lots planned for the boys and I while Jon is away. Gotta keep them busy. Jon also just had a birthday recently. We had a wonderful family day where at the end we went to Kahn’s for dinner. I let him choose. It was, as always, delicious. For his birthday the boys and I got him a Jawbone. Its like a fitbit but different. He really likes it. The boys seem to really be able to pick out great gifts for their dad.