Coming In Like A Lion

For us, March has been coming in like a lion. Not talking about the weather, even though it is. I turned a quick 29 this month. And quick I mean it was a quick week for Jon had his PHP Conference that next week. So we were very busy preparing for that. From what we have gathered so far from the questionnaire we sent out after the conference, it was a big hit this year. And now we begin the task of thinking up ways to make it better for next year.
Jackson finished his quarter in his “Fun With 3’s Class”. Today was track and field. I don’t know why, but I volunteered to help. It was crazy. It was held at the Eagan Civic Center with all the kids from all the different classes the city offers. Jackson had a wonderful time. Got so worn out he came home, ate lunch, then told me he needed to take a nap. How wonderful. Just glad though he had a fun time. Class starts back up again next week.
Noah is doing great. He is trying so hard to crawl. Right now he just does the military like crawl to get around and get what he wants. So I am planning on him being on all fours in no time. Poor Jackson. Noah is also started to “talk”. Lots of M’s, D’s, and B’s. Im more trying to get the J’s started with him so he can say “Jack”.