Christmas 2013

We have had one exciting Christmas this year. The four of us celebrated Christmas together the Friday night before Christmas. We wanted to make sure Jackson had enough time to play with the fun toys and things we got him this year. Instead of buying Jackson lots of presents, he only gets three (not including his stocking). Since we “spoil” him all year long, why add on another day. He gets something educational (4 books), some type of clothing (a snoopy blanket for his bed), and a toy (legos). We also filled his stocking, which is pretty big, with legos. I decided not to get him any train since I knew he would most likely be getting some from family.
This year we did Christmas a little different. Instead of going to everyone’s house Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we packed up the kids, packed up the car, and drove to Tennessee to spend it with my grandparents. We have had a wonderful time. We drove all Christmas Eve day. We left at about 4am and got there at about 6pm.  It was a long drive but so worth it. It was wonderful to spend Christmas with my grandparents and my family that Jon had not met yet.  It was wonderful. We started heading home on Friday. We decided to stop and spend the night in St. Louis instead of pushing ourselves to get home. While in St. Louis, we went to Budweiser and Union Station. We had dinner at an Irish pub. We had some great food.  We left for home again, early and made it home by 2 on Saturday. That way I had enough time to do laundry and get the house ready for when my family came over on Sunday.

The best part of this years’ Christmas, besides our impromptu to trip, is the engagement of my eldest sister.  Krista and Scott are planning on getting married in September. I am over the moon for her. They are looking at either the Renaissance Festival or up at the North Shore.  So excited about planning a wedding for her. Guess I have to start saving so I can help out. YEAH!  So excited about what is ahead for us in 2014!