Noah Loyal Sundquist

Noah Loyal Sundquist was born on October, 8th 2013. Weighing 8.8 lbs. and a length of 21 inches. Although he came a little early, he is doing great. Jackson is enjoying having a little brother and being a big brother. He is always talking to him, wanting him to play trains with him, and every time Noah cries, he runs over to see whats the matter. Pretty sure Noah’s first night home, Jackson did not get much sleep due to the fact that every time Noah cried, Jackson knocked on our door to see if everything was ok.
Jackson has also been going through a bit of a “mine” stage. Which has not been too much fun but at the same time, has said some really cute things. He has said that Noah is “his baby”. “No mommy, thats my baby.” It has been cute.
Other than the boys, Jon and I are doing well. I am excited about starting a new chapter on being a stay at home mom. I am excited about family time. Jon is enjoying his new job. He really likes working downtown. Im happy that he found a place that he enjoys going to.