And Now We Are Three

Jackson turned three this week and it was a lot of fun. Even though we started his birthday celebration the week before, it was still so much fun. My grandparents from TN, came into town for four days and spent a lot of time with Jackson. I am pretty sure he wore them out for the month. It as such a great time seeing them and spending time with them.
On Jackson’s actual birthday, I wanted to do just a day of fun of things we do not do that often. That morning I made him french toast (one of his favorites), then we went to Choo Choo Bobs and we were there for hour playing with all the train tables and other kids who were there. Oh he enjoyed it so much. I even bought him a few track pieces. After, we went to MOA for lunch. I let him pick out whatever he wanted. You’d think that was a mistake but its one day a year. He picked Stone Cold Creamery. He wanted ice cream for lunch. Of course I said ok. Sounded pretty good to me. They two people working there were so shocked that I let him have ice cream of lunch, they upgraded us with no charge. It was sweet. Jackson was so excited about his ice cream.
After lunch we went to Lego Land. Of course. We played for about an hour then went for a long walk around the mall. We got home just in time for dad to come home and join us on our next outing to Toys R Us where he had a small gift card. We went straight to the Thomas The Tank Engine section and didn’t leave for what felt like forever. We gave him two choices for what to buy. He chose James the red engine. He was so excited. I am pretty sure he had an awesome birthday.
I did have a small party for him in August with just 3 of his little friends. Of course it was a hot day but that did not seem to bother them. We played legos, blew bubbles, played in the sandbox, and went for a walk to the park. It was a really fun day. Jackson was exhausted after.
Other than Jackson’s birthday, Jon and I are doing well. Jon has been preoccupied with a conference he is putting on in March of 2014. I am so excited for him. It is going to be a lot of fun. This will be its second year. I too am doing well. The heat was not too bad for me. I still went to the state fair and renfest. It was a blast. The pregnancy is going well. Some days I am a little bit more tired than most but that is expected. I am now up to weekly doctors appointments, so Jackson has been going to the hospital with me once a week and really likes it. Mainly because every time we go he gets at least 2 stickers. They don’t get to see kids very often so for them its a real treat. But I am getting more and more excited for Noah to arrive. So is Jackson.