Baby Noah

On Father’s Day weekend we told the families that we are expecting another boy and we have decided to name him Noah. Since I picked out Jackson’s name, I thought Jon should get a say this time. We had a few names picked out prior, since we have known it was a boy for sometime but decided to wait till we had a name picked, but we picked Noah because it was simple and Jackson seemed to like it as well.
We ordered Noah his crib this past week and are waiting for delivery. I am really excited to how Jackson reacts to a crib in his room. Yes, they will be sharing a room. He knows that there is a baby coming, but I know he does not quite get how much things will change. Which is ok, that takes time.
We will be decorating his side of the room with Dr. Seuss. So like Cat in The Hat, ABC’s, and One Fish Two Fish. I have always been a Dr. Seuss fan and I wanted Noah to have his own blanket and sheet so that not everything he will have will be hand me down from Jackson.
Other than baby, we are all doing great. Jackson is some what enjoying his swim time once a week. Some days he likes it and some days not so much. But it was just something new to try.
Jon and I just bought a new couch for our “den” area of the house so now we have something to sit and relax on in that room. Other than that, just having fun each day spending lots of time with Jackson before Noah arrives. Even though being pregnant in the summer is not all that fun, I still think of the fact that I won’t want to go any where and hopefully nor will Jackson because its too cold out. And also the fact that I have all infant winter clothes so I won’t need to buy anything new. It has not been too bad though. Just mainly tired. Jackson is really great at letting me rest while he plays trains and legos.