Plus One Makes Four

Jon and I have been waiting till most of the family knew before we told everyone that Jackson is going to have a brother or sister this coming fall. We are all very excited and can not wait till our little bundle to arrive.
I have been doing pretty well. Been dealing with nausea, but that has started to subside. But of course, once one thing starts to go away, something else takes its place. My allergies have been already acting up just terribly. Sneezing, runny nose, and aches. Went to the doctor and they put me on antibiotics because I tested positive for strep. Though I alway test positive strep, they wanted to put me on something just incase it got worse. I am feeling fine though. Little run down but no big deal.
Jon is doing well. He has a few job offers that have come his way that he is looking and considering. So he may be switching jobs soon.
Jackson has been doing well also. Jon and I took him to Como Zoo for the first time today and had a ton of fun. Enjoyed watching the Koy fish more than anything but still had a great time. I have been feeling so bad that since I haven’t been feeling well do to my allergies and the weather being no fun, Jon and I wanted to take him out somewhere he would enjoy and one of the places he enjoys is the zoo. Soon it will be nice and we can go and play at the parks. Oh can’t wait!