Goodbye 2012

This year has been a really excited year for us. Jackson turned two and is as healthy as can be. Have not yet a sick day yet with him. So I am really starting to get nervous when he actually does and does not know how to handle it. Jackson has also been working on potty training. Some days he does really well, and others he has a few accidents. It takes time but I know we will get there. He is also ending this year knowing his ABC’s and does a great job with recognizing differences. Him and I are still working on shapes and colors, but it all takes time. He gets a little better every day.
We bought a house this year. It has been so much fun having more room to run around in than prior. The town home was great for just the two of us, and when Jackson was a baby, but now with him walking, running, and jumping, the more space was needed. Jackson loves having his own playroom with all his toys, Jon so much enjoys having his own office space and bar, and I just love all the space and my front swing.
With those being the two major things, our weeks and weekends were filled with weddings, get togethers, and family outings. We had a really great year and we hope next year will be filled with good times.

Happy Christmas 2012

It has been a wonderful Christmas so far. We still have 3 more to go. Jon, Jackson, and I all got to spend Christmas Day at our new home. It was a blast. Jon and I got Jackson Tidmouth Shed. Played with it all day until we had to leave home and go to Christmas #2. After we set up Tidmouth Shed, Jon and I realized, Jackson needs more track. He has just been having so much fun with it.
This month has been very busy for us. I have been working really hard with Jackson and potty training. It is going well. Had a few days that just didn’t seem like he was going to get it, but he’s doing very well. I am really liking the fact that don’t have to buy or change diapers anymore. YEAH! Jon has been going to a few PHP work shops and conventions. I have been taking Jackson to an open gym once a week, to the zoo, and Jon and I just recently took him to a train museum. I don’t think I ever heard “Oh choo choo train” so much before. It is amazing how excited he gets about trains. It is a hoot.
Other than that, we are getting ready for New Years. Jon and I are having a bunch of people over for a get together. We are so excited to have a party at our new place and actually have the room!