Our 2 year Check Up

Jackson had his 2 year old check up a few days ago. Cried the entire time. Not a big doctor/nurse fan. More so when he knows its for him. But he still did a very well. He weighs 27 lbs and is 34 inches tall. Only had to get one shot, which was nice. The regular flu shot. Hopefully, like last year, no real issues with that. Other than that, he is doing just fine is on track in all categories.
Now, with Halloween just around the corner, I have been busy trying to find him a costume. It is actually a lot of fun trying to figure out what he should be. Jon and I are having a blast looking a costumes. I signed us up to do Hallzooween again this year. Jackson seemed to really enjoy it last year and since this year, he can walk the whole inside of the zoo himself, I really think he will have a blast this year. So excited!
The next couple of months for us will be pretty busy. Jon and I have a wedding Thanksgiving weekend. So excited for that. And Jon has conventions he will be attending in December. With that and holidays, we seem to be going to have a busy next two months.