Getting To Be A Big Boy

I know I have not posted in a while. I have been busy with re-arranging, organizing, and cleaning up the back yard. I have been working really hard at that one. Lots of weeding, digging, and dirt fun.
Jackson is having the best time I think. So much more room to run and play. The biggest thing though is that we have finally turned his crib (which he loved) into a toddler day bed. Tonight was the first night. I was planning on little foot steps at my door, the light being on in his room, maybe a little crying. To my dismay, non of that occurred. He fell right to sleep. I must have worn him out prior. All the running around before bed and the hundreds of stories we must read. So I am really happy and excited that the first night went well. The others most likely not so, but we shall see. The only thing now is the falling out. His bed is not so far from the floor, but its a hardwood floor and Jackson is what you would call a “crazy sleeper”. Meaning, he moves around in is bed all the time. Head at one end, head at the other in the morning. So Im hoping he won’t fall out tonight. But we shall see.
Other than that, nothing else really exciting. Just trying to make our new house our home. Which we are having tons of fun doing. Today we cleaned out the attic above the garage, and with help from a wonderful (close by) neighbor, we got most of the stuff down. We have also began the “man cave” part of the house ie the garage. Jon is working on making a work bench and moving things around in the garage so he has space to work. Im thinking a little mini fridge and he’d be set. Or he could be like my dad and have a popcorn machine also in the garage. We shall see.