We have finally and completely moved. We signed papers on Wednesday, had movers on Friday, and have been unpacking all weekend. It has been exciting and stressful. But we are so happy.

We spent our first night at our new place on Wednesday. It was so fun! We borrowed a friends air mattress for Jon and I, and brought over Jacksons bed, dresser, and other things for the night. Jackson had a bit of a hard time falling asleep the first couple of nights but after the movers came and brought all of his things, and we set up his room, all has been great. He really seems to love his bedroom and playroom. Soon, maybe next year, a play set out in the back yard.

Jon and I have been working really hard unpacking, figuring out where everything should go and just enjoying our patio. Slowly it is becoming more like a home and  less like a sea of boxes and packaging material.

Been working on hooking up all of our electronics.  Got all the computers, and TV’s set up where we want them for the time and all hooked up to cable. Now we are just working on where to put all our game systems. Its a bit tricky. I want some upstairs, he wants them all down stairs. Oh the stress. But at least if all of them are hooked up, and are playable, thats all that matters. But besides the electronics, the kitchen is almost all set. I love having a pantry right off our kitchen. Oh it is so nice. It used to be a coat closet, but the previous owners turned it into a pantry with shelving. So nice. We also almost have the bar all together. All the glassware is all set up and the liquor all has a spot, just need to figure out a few other things. Having a lot of fun though setting up our new home. Planning on having people over once everything is set up.