Just A Few More Days!

In just a few more days Jon and I will own another home. We are so excited! I have been busy packing and cleaning and bugging Jon about getting all the utilities ready. So much stuff to do. But it is all part of the process. I think we are most excited about more space. Jackson needs more space to run in and he needs his own play room (same as Jon). I cannot wait till next year to have a garden. I do not know where in the yard I am going to put it but I just can not wait. Right now we seem to have raspberries and black berries along the back but I am not sure how safe they are to eat. If they are, I’ll keep some of them and maybe make an area for other things. Just so excited. We found out that the current owners are leaving a fire pit for us. Must not be able to take it with. Sounds great to Jon and I. One less thing to want to buy.
Other than moving everything else is fine. That seems to be the only thing new. At least once a week Jackson is saying a new word, and running faster. Loving it! Krista is not leaving for Atlanta until September now if she does not find a new position here at the airport. Katelin is working as much as she can before school. So much going on!