Whats Been New

I know, it has been a while since I have posted anything new, but with all the weddings, showers, and holidays we have had, I have had no time. So here are the updates:
Jackson is doing well. Growing taller everyday. He got his first big haircut last week by my eldest sister. She took off so much. Almost looks like a different kid. Did not really enjoy getting his hair cut because all he did was cry. But that is normal. No kid likes to get their hair cut. He has been talking so much lately also. Every where we go he says “hi” to everyone. It is so totally cute. Mommie and Me is also coming to an end. He has had so much fun each week playing with other kids older then himself. I do not think I am going to sign him up for summer mommie and me, I think I am going to wait till either fall or winter to do this again. I have been really enjoying our time taking walks around Eagan, going to the parks, and going to the zoo. But we shall see.
Jon and I are also doing well. Jon seems to be enjoying his new job just fine. More excited about when he can start working from home. I think he’ll enjoy that benefit.
Other than that, the only other exciting thing going on with us is that we are buying a house. The realtor will actually just put up the sold sign as of today. We are going to be living in Burnsville. Not too far into Burnsville. We will actually be only about 4-5 miles away from our current home. So moving will be easy. We close in June.