18 Months

Jackson had his 18 month check up the other week and is doing great. His doctor is at awe at all the different foods he eats. Most kids do not like beets, brussle sprouts, and broccoli but mine does. Jon and I are working with him more and more on speech and using a spoon and fork. I more just want him to be able to eat by himself. Finger foods only go so far when it comes to nutrition. He seems to get better and better each day little by little. So glad we have hard wood floors.

I have also signed Jackson and myself up for a “mommy and me” type class so that he can associate with other kids close to if not his own age. Right now, he plays with a few kids around his age, but I would like him to meet more. So I am really excited for this. Might even help with other skills he needs help developing.

Other than that, not much has been going on with us. My eldest sister is going to be moving to Atlanta, Georgia within the next few months. I am so excited for her. She is moving there due to her job with Delta. Another great excuse for Jackson and I to get on a plane. Maybe another fun holiday destination sometime in the future.

Amish Bath?

Haha! I know Edna’s looking at the title going.. What?!?.  I decided the other day to do something fun with Jackson and that was give him a bath by candle light. I was joking with Jon when he came in while I was bathing Jackson that he wasn’t taking just a regular bath but an Amish bath. Jackson seemed to like it. I think he just more enjoyed the shadows that it was making. It did help calm him down after he bumped his head. Not bad but just that trip and bonk type of bump.

Jackson has also added more words to his vocabulary. Besides the regular mom and dad (which he says dad all the time), we have added hi, happy, uh oh, and go go go go (thank you Cat In The Hat).  He also has been saying a lot of other things but its the, sounds like it but not sure if thats what he said. But every day we work on his vocabulary more and more with trying to get him to understand what the word he is saying actually means.