Surprise! You Thought We Weren’t Coming!

Last weekend we took Jackson up north towards Grand Marais, Mn. It was his first time up north in the winter. Even though it was ridiculously cold, we still had a lot of fun. We went up on Thursday when Jon got off of work. We had been planning this trip for a while and was going to surprise his mom and Tom by meeting them up there.

Every year, Cheryl’s friends get together for a “Ski Trip”. Even though not most of them ski anymore, they all still get together and have a fun weekend.  Some ski, some snowshoe, some hike, and some just go up to relax. Cheryl and Tom both did not know that we were planning on joining them on the ski trip this year. Actually we were planning on going to a destination wedding this weekend. But with some unfortunate bills and other expenses we could not afford it. Still a little down about it (I so love weddings).  The only thing was, Jon had already had the OK from work that he could have the weekend off. So we decided to go up north on the Ski Trip instead.

Boy did we surprise Cheryl and Tom. It was really great to shock them. Other than that, we had a great time. We did a little shopping, dining, and hiking. Jackson was not on the hiking portion. It was just way to cold to take him out. He was getting over a little cold (which actually turned out to be a tooth coming in. YEA!).  But we had a great time getting caught up with everyone and having a relaxing weekend.

Other than that, we are doing well and looking forward to all the other weddings we have this year. 3 more to go.


I decided to try something new for dinner. I like to experiment once in a while and being quite cost conscious I always wait till a good deal. I have been watching some British Television lately because Gordon Ramsey’s been on. I do not mind him too  much, depending on what he is cooking. The other day, he made brussel sprouts.  They actually looked really appetizing.  So I decided why not.  Picked up about 10 of them at the grocer and also some well smoked bacon. Saute’d it up and it was not bad. The surprising thing was that Jackson really enjoyed them. He had them 3 times in a row that week. I do believe though, the bacon was the icing on the cake. Everything is better with bacon or butter. At least thats my opinion.

Other than that fun new find, nothing else too exciting. Bought Jon a new video game. So nice that it is so easy to keep him occupied.