A Little Insert

Just a note, we added in a map of the destinations Jackson has been since he was born. Thought it would be a fun thing to track all the different states he has been to so far in his life. If you click over on the left hand side where it says  “Places Jackson Has Been” you will see all the pin points.  Pretty cool.

Christmas 2011

Christmas for us is finally over. It almost felt like it would never end, but at the same time, it was a lot of fun. We saw most of all of our families and most of the great-grandparents as well. Jackson received a ton of fun toys, books, movies, and clothes.  Our living room for the past couple of days has just been a clutter of toys. Pretty much since Saturday we would wake, eat breakfast, then leave for a Christmas celebration with a family. Not much time to clean and put away the new things. So I am taking all Friday to clean and put away all the new items Jackson received. He is having a blast with all his new toys. Its almost been unfortunate. He has not been wanting to go to bed! Watching him having so much fun, it is really hard to pull him away and make him go to bed.  But I must say that the best part of this year was the fact that it has snowed yet this year. Or at least the snow has not stuck around. Made it easier when getting around to places.

So all in all it has been a great Christmas. Looking forward to the New Year and new adventures.

15 Months And Growing

Today was Jackson’s 15 month check up. Everything went well. He got 3 shots including a flu shot. Figured since we were there, he should get one.  He seems to be on track with height, weight, and head circumference. His pediatrician was really impressed that I put away all his bottles and that he really wants to eat on his own.  We did get a nice list of things that we can also start working on, but a lot of the things he already does by himself.

Other than that, everything else is going good. Jon and I have all of our Christmas shopping done and wrapped. Just have a few to send out. Getting excited for the holidays though. Love this time of year. Maybe next year though, we may do something different for Christmas.  Just a thought. But still not sure yet whether or not I will be working. It is always an up in the air time. Sometimes we are busy Christmas and sometimes we are at 5% at the hotel. So we shall see. I’m hoping not but the holiday pay is a really nice extra.