HallZOOween 2011

Jackson’s second Halloween today! He was dressed as a cow. He was so cute. We also so much fun tonight! Jon and I took him to the Minnesota Zoo for a members only Halloween trick or treat. It was a lot of fun. He really seemed to like it. There was a lot of kids there and some of fun actives. Got a ton of candy and other fun things. I am thinking this might be something we may even do next year.

Picky Eating

Well, it has finally happened. Jackson has become a bit of a picky eater. And it is most likely not the way you are thinking.  He is not picky when it comes to what he is eating, but how he is eating.  Lately, he has not been taking his meals spoon fed. He wants to do it himself. So I have been coming up with some pretty interesting ways when it comes to lunch and dinner time. I do like the fact that this means he is independent and wants to do things himself, but there are some things that he can not be independent with yet.  Has been a bit of a challenge but at least he is eating well still and loves both fruit and veggies still.

Other than that, everything is good. Jon got back Friday from CA. He was a PHP convention. He had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and met a lot of people. I was a single parent all last week. It went ok. Jackson had more crabby days then usual but I think that had to do with teething and missing daddy. On Wednesday night, Jackson found a picture of Jon and was carrying it around the house for most of the night. A really good friend suggested that I put some of Jon’s after shave or shampoo on a wash rag and put it under his sheets to see if it would help him sleep better. Trick worked wonderful. Jackson had been waking up at 5 am all of last week. Thats about the time Jon usually starts moving around to begin his day. Also our neighbor leaves for work around the same time Jon does. So Jackson would hear the garage door and most likely thing it was Jon. So last week was a pretty long week for me. Other than that, nothing else new. Just waiting for the cold weather to set in, then Thanksgiving to get here, and then end with Christmas. Still deciding whether or not to take one of the days off. We shall see.