I know I am a little late writing. Things have been a little crazy for me the past couple of days.
On Sunday we celebrated Jackson’s First Birthday! Even though his birthday is not until September, I wanted my younger sister, Katelin, to be there for the big day. It was such a fun time.

I worked that morning so I knew exactly what was going to be going on for that evening. I got off of work at 1:30 and party did not start until 3:00. I was so happy that I had some time to get myself ready, help explain things to the cooks, and get the lower half of Stacy’s restaurant ready for it. We had a banner, balloons, and (the best part) Cake! We could not help ourselves to get an Elmo Cake since Jackson and I watch Sesame Street almost every day. I can not help it, I love that show. The food was next to the best. I must say the Quesadilas were EXCELLENT. My cook Nick is one of the best guys we have in the kitchen. I was over excited to see that he was going to be working that shift for the party. He was even excited about it. Actually everyone I worked with was. Kind of weird if you ask me.

The only thing that I wish Jackson was old enough to have done was open his gifts. Not that Jon and I did not mind, but there is something about when a child opens a present that is kind of fun. But then again, who does not like opening gifts. Does not matter the age, it is always exciting. He did get some great things though. And in case anyone is wondering, Yes he does play with all of them and has had everything in his mouth at least once already. But he did have a great time. After we got home from the party, he completely crashed. He did not wake till about 6/6:30.  And we then let him play for a little while and then we put him down for the night. The next morning though I think was the best. I brought him down stairs to the living room, which we just left all the gifts out, and he was in what seemed like shock that all the toys were still there! It was kind of funny. He just sat in my lap and looked with this amazement on his face. So cute.

Fangs With a Stance

No, that is not Jackson’s Native name. If he was to have one, it would be Drools with a Running Nose. LOL. Jackson’s got two teeth coming in and they just so happen to be his fang teeth. So he will have two front bottom teeth and his top fang teeth. He’s going to look pretty funny when he smiles. We also figured that since he is not drooling as much as he does when he gets his bottom teeth, and he has a runny nose, we are figuring that when he has bottom teeth coming in, he will drool uncontrollably, and when he has top teeth coming in, he has a runny noise. He has no fever, or any other type of horrible symptoms with teething; luckily. So Gma, I thank you for your old wives tale for teething babies. It has once again worked!

Jackson has also began standing on his own. When he wants too and when no one is looking. No walking really yet, but he can stand very well so far. He does the, stand then sit cause someone is watching. Walking should come soon. He seems to be ready and really wanting too. I think he has realized that he can not keep up with the big kids crawling.  So I am certain it will be happening soon.

Other than that, everything else is going good. I went to a gun range for the first time this week and had a lot of fun. Jon and I are planning on purchasing real steel once he figures out exactly what he would like.  So we have been having fun with that. Jackson’s birthday is also coming up. I can not believe that he’s almost 1. Time flies so fast.  I am really excited to have the party at my hotel. I think it will make things go a lot smoother and easier. I am not really going to have to do much for it except put in the order and tell the staff what I want. So excited. Hopefully it will not be a busy week for me. Boo!