And no, Jackson’s not potty trained yet. Still waiting for that day.  Jackson has finally cut his first tooth. I have been waiting for this since 3 months when the drooling began. I had noticed something had to have been going on since he has been drooling a lot more than usual this week than in the past.  This morning while we were playing, I noticed a little something different in his mouth. It is not too noticeable, but it is there!!

Other than that, nothing really new. Jackson is crawling all around the house and pulling himself up onto furniture. He is also almost standing on his own. I have caught him a couple of times, but then he just falls back down.

I am doing well. Still working weekends and liking it. Sometimes it is a bit too much and I am exhausted when I get home, but I like to have some time off of being at home. Jon is doing well also. For mothers day, Jon and Jackson got me tickets to go to Lego Fest (not too hard to guess whos idea it was).  So I am excited to spend the day with my two guys surrounded by legos. Though Jon is not all that excited when I told him he had a spending limit. LOL But we are still looking forward to it.

A Week Of Firsts

This past week, Jackson has been doing a lot of first. It is amazing how it all happened in just the past week but it is still pretty amazing.  He has begun to crawl. He now can go from his room and slowly follow us into the bathroom for his bath. He seems to think that it is really cool and fun that he can get to his toys without having to roll or scoot towards them. Before, he was just taking about three little crawls then he would fall, now he is totally crawling. It is really fun to watch.

He has also started pulling himself up on things, i.e the coffee table. He just started doing that a few days ago. He has fallen a couple of times but that is to be expected. Also with doing that, we have had to lower his crib and playpen. This morning, I found him on his knees looking at me when I came into his room. Was not expecting that. So Jon and I lowered his crib. His playpen on the other hand was different. Last week I found him first on his knees chewing on the side, then in just a few seconds after that, he was up on his feet. He has not done that yet in his crib but I suspect it will be in no time.

Other than that we are doing great. Jon is getting over being sick. He has been sick since we have gotten back from D.C. He has Bronchitis. So it has been no fun for him. I can not wait for this week to get over with. Two big brunches at work just a week apart has been really tiring. Almost too much. Other than that, all is well.