6 Months And New Adventures

Jackson turned 6 months old this month. He is starting to do a lot of new things. We took him in for his 6 month check up and he is doing wonderful. He is healthy, happy, and excelling in many things. He is talking a lot now. One in particular is dadadada. But we both know he has no idea what he is saying.

We also now get to start him on solid foods and using a sippy cup. Tonight was the fist night we starting him on solids. His first solid food was carrots. He loved it! He did not spit them out what so ever and ate the whole 2oz I prepared for him. I am making my own baby food and I am planning on just doing vegetables for the first month or so to get him to hopefully like them. Reading stories on how other parents got their infants to eat vegetables was that they gave them to them first instead of fruit. A lot of other parents have had success with this so I thought why not try it. If it does not work, oh well.

I also tried to give him a sippy cup. That he is not ready for but I think with work and practice, he will. He gets the whole concept of grasping it and bringing it to his mouth. Its just more the whole tipping it up and not sucking too much. But we are going to keep working on it.

Other than that, Jon and I are doing well. Jon is working many hours as usual but is really excited for spring/summer to get here. We have a zoo pass and is excited to take Jackson for long walks around the zoo when it gets warm out. He is also very excited to play airsoft. I am also doing well. Right now I am sick with strep but that is nothing new for me since I get it all the time and very easily. But I am very lucky that Jackson has been so good for me and not fussy when we have just quiet time. So it has been really easy being sick and taking care of him.

Katelin came home from school for spring break and I got to spend some wonderful time with her. I miss her so much when she is away at college and I really think Jackson does also. When she is around, I can not feed him, change him, or try to get him to nap because all he wants to do is stare at her. It is so cute. I will be feeding him and he will be staring her and just smile and not eat, when I change him and she is in the room, he whines and cries, then when I try and get him to take a nap, all he does is stare at her and tries so hard not to fall asleep. I truly believe that one day he will tell me that he wants to marry Auntie Katelin.