First Zoo Trip

Today, out of any day we could have gone, we took Jackson to the zoo. It was actually a really great day to take him. There were not many people there yet and they had some fun things going on as well. We watched them feed the sharks, and the fish; which Jackson really enjoyed. He was very talkative during the whole thing. Due to the weather though, the monorail was closed for the day. It was the one thing that Jon and I really wanted to go on. Wanted to see the outside animals during the winter. I always thought it would been fun and interesting to see.  Other than that, we had a really good time. They are doing a lot of reconstruction to the zoo and we can not wait to see what it is going to look like when it is all finished.  The most exciting part of the new remodel is there will finally be penguins at the zoo. So Jackson and I are going to have to take Aunt Leslie there when they are finished with the exhibit since they are her favorite. Just another thing that makes me excited for summer to arrive.

Our First Valentines Day

So we had our very first family Valentines Day. It will be one that we will always remember. Jon spent the day in bed, I spent the day on the couch and Jackson spent the day at my parents house.  Jon and I both had food poisoning Sunday night and Monday all day. And with the lack of sleep we both got Sunday, my sister offered to take Jackson after she got off work for us so that we could get some much needed rest. We really have no clue on what we ate that made us so sick, but it was Valentines Day I know we will never forget.

Almost There But Not Quite Yet

Nothing really new lately. Jon and Jack are now completely over their colds. Jon was home for about a whole week and Jack was only not feeling well for a couple of days. It wasn’t all that bad. Other than that we have been doing well.

Jack has figured out how to get from his back to his stomach and is really good at it. He really wants to be mobile. He gets really excited on his stomach, moving back and forth, then he realizes he has not made progress and starts to cry. But other than that, we have all been doing great.