Real Food?

Jackson has now finally started on “real food”. He started on rice cereal just this week.  It has been going really well. It took a couple of days to figure out the consistency that he is able to eat, but we have not figured it all out. He has really been enjoying it.  The best part about it is that so far, he hasn’t been a huge mess to clean up after either.  He is able to get a majority of it in his mouth and eat it. I am very excited to start adding to the things he is able to eat. I am planning on making my own baby food here soon also. I have 2 cook books on the subject and my head chef at work also does the same thing for his kids and informed me that if I ever have questions about it all I have to do is ask. So I am so excited to start that. Other than that, nothing else is really new.

4 Month Check Up

So today was Jackson’s 4 month check up. From what the doctor said, he is doing wonderful.  He weighs 14.11 lbs and is 26 inches long. He is growing out of his 3 month cloths already by length not girth.  So Jon and I are starting to wonder how tall he may get.  Dr. Richards is also really impressed by how he is advancing.  She is really thinking he may be crawling earlier then most since he is able to pull himself along the carpet. He only does it a little but still. He also got 2 shots. I have never seen his face so red before. He was so mad. But yet only cried for a minute, then subsided and wanted to go home and take a nap. Due to the shots, we are dealing with a bit of a fever, but that is normal.  So lucky me, it is crabby baby day. But I do not mind. I would most likely be crabby as well.

I started back  up at work again. Only on the weekends though. I really enjoyed my first weekend. It was really nice to see everyone and feel productive with my day. I am not sure how long I want to keep working. I do miss spending my weekends with Jon. It is really our only time to really see one another.  So what I have decided is to keep working for a few months and decide March, April whether or not I want to keep working or be a stay at home mom.

Other than all of that, nothing else has really been going on. The only other thing that is really interesting is the weather. Lucky for us, it is suppose to snow the rest of the week. I really can not wait till he is at least 2 and we can go and play in the snow. I am looking forward to it, but I am really enjoying the time we have now.