First Thanksgiving

From what I know, this was my grandfathers favorite holiday. Being that, it became mine also just because its that one holiday that you can get together for where you do not have to bring gifts of any kind. Just food if optional. But I manly enjoy it because its the one holiday that I can see my dads side. The only family that I really ever have had in my life that is just a short drive away. I think thats also the reason why I enjoy my other grandparents (John and Edna) because every time I get to see them, there is so much to talk about, see, and show them. They are the best. But anyways, this was Jackson’s first Thanksgiving. He spent it with my dads’ side of the family, which a lot had not seen him since the hospital or it was their first time. He seemed to enjoy it. Even though he had no clue what was going on. He did get a little fussy, but that is normal when you get tired or do not get a nap in.  But he did seem to enjoy meeting everyone. Lots of smiles for every one. Especially my Aunt Michelle. He seemed to really enjoy sleeping on here. And he really seemed to enjoy playing with my Aunt Janie. It was a lot of fun. My favorite part was seeing Katelin. I have missed her so much. It was so great to spend time with her before everyone got there and after they left. I dislike so much that she is so far away, but at least when she is home, she wants to spend as much time with us as she can besides seeing her friends. And whats even better, I now get to spend the rest of the night, just Jon and I ( Jackson’s asleep) watching a movie and eating popcorn. It has been a long time since I we have watched a movie with no distractions.

First Doctors Visit

Today was Jacks 2 month doctors visit. It went very well. He weighs almost 12 lbs and is 23 1/2 inches long. So he is really growing fast.  He is also developing at a really great rate also. Some of the things he is doing ( holding his head up, rolling over) is considered something that he should be doing at 4-5 months. Along with being weighed and measured, he got 4 vaccines. 3 shots, and one oral. He did rather well with the shots. I think what helped was giving him a bottle right after the shots to help calm him down.  He has sprog a bit of a fever from the shots but that is normal. So its most likely going to be a long night. He has slept a lot since we got home from the appointment but not very long.  Other than that, he is progressing at a very healthy rate.

9 Weeks And 5 States

We got back on Thursday from our big trip to visit my grandparents or Jackson’s great grandparents. It was a lot of fun to visit them. We left on Saturday and stayed the night in Quincy, Il for the first night. We though a 13 hour drive would be hard on Jackson so we made it a two day drive. He did very well on the drive down. Even though he slept a majority of the way down on both days, getting him to go to bed at night was no problem at all. But we enjoyed our stay in TN. We stayed around the house all the days we were there and let all the relatives come to us. My uncle Terry and his wife Jill and son Nick came and had dinner with us one night. It was really great to to see them and they were so excited to meet Jackson. We also had a couple of my grandparents friends over who wanted to see him also. The only relative that did not get to see Jackson was my uncle Larry and his family. He was feeling sick and thought it best not to come and possibly make everyone else sick, which I really appreciate. Jack has not gotten sick yet and I really hope he does not. At least not this year if I can help it.

Besides that Jon and I just hung out around the house. I helped with the cooking and Jon installed and cleaned out my grandparents computers, set up there surround sound, and other things for them that they do not know how to do. He is so wonderful.

The ride home was easy as well. Jackson slept most of the way to Iowa City where we spent the night. Though on our way home I think he was done with traveling because he did not sleep much and wanted not to be in his car seat no longer. But we made it home with only one casualty, we got hit by a tumble weed. And this was one big tumble weed. The highlander did great though for the hit and the drive. We had a really great trip.

First Tricks or Treats

We were very fortunate that Jackson’s first Halloween landed on a weekend.  We were able to get out to all the necessary houses for trick or treating.

A couple of days ago, Jack and I were at Target and ended up looking at Halloween costumes.  They had all the generic ones for newborns….. hot dog, pea in a pod,  and other things.  Well, I saw this really cute monkey outfit and I just had to get it. The best part about it was that it was a nice warm costume for him in case it decided to be a cold one again. We headed for Brooklyn Park to see Ms. Cheryl and Tom first since they lived the farthest away. We then headed out to see my parents for a quick visit. After, we headed out to Eden Prairie to see Scott.  Our final destination was Jon’s Aunt Leslie’s where to even get to the door to ring the bell, we had to pass through Micheal’s Halloween setup. It was really cool. He had some really spooky things sitting outside. We had a lot of fun but I felt kind of bad dragging Jack all around. But he was pretty good with the whole thing. I think for his first Halloween he pretty much enjoyed it. Now we have a big trip coming up to get ready for, and then its my families favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I can not wait. My family all together and Katelin comes back into town for a couple of days. Oh how do I miss her and I know Jack does as well.