A Very Busy Weekend

We had a very busy weekend this week.  Saturday our friends Mac and Dee came over to visit.  Mac and Jon worked really hard to finish painting our garage. Its starting to look really organized, finally. It has taken a while but at least it is starting to get done. Dee and I stayed inside with Jackson and made dinner and visited while the guys were in the garage.

Sunday was our most filled day. Jon and I had a wedding to go to in the morning and we left Jackson with his first baby sitter.  The wedding was beautiful. It was my friends Natalie and Kevin and it was at the Renaissance Festival. It was a good thing we got a sitter. It was 35 degrees that morning. It ended up to be a really nice day later on but still it was too cold for the little guy.  Jon and I walked around the festival for a little while before we went home. It was nice to have some time just us. We did end up missing Jack towards the middle of day. After the long day, we came home and relaxed with Jack.

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