Just 7 Weeks

So Jack is now 7 weeks old. I believe he has begun to notice colors and textures. He enjoys playing with his toys a bit more, and also enjoys soft to the touch things. Other than that, nothing really exciting has been going on. Jack has began to smile more and more each day with little giggles and coo’s after.  And now that is has started to get colder outside, Jon and I have been figuring out if we have enough warm items for winter. We have at least 2 of everything for warm items for when we go out. I love this weather. I have always loved winter. I am hoping that we do not have snow though for Halloween. We have so many places that we have to go to that I am just hoping it is not too cold out. Even though his costume is warm, I still do not like to take him out when it is too cold. I’m just going to try really hard this year to keep Jon and I healthy so that Jackson stays healthy. I really do not want to have a sick baby.

But other than that, nothing really exciting has gone on with us. Jon works and I am at home right now until I figure out what I want to do about going back to work. I still have a couple more weeks to think about it. I know though I need to talk with my Chef about it. I know though whatever I choose to do, he will be ok with. It’s nice when your boss has children around the same age as yours. They tend to understand better than when they have none or they are older. I want to work but I really do not want to put Jack in daycare. I just never liked the idea of it. I guess since I was never in daycare, I do not really know what its like. But then again, Jon does not really want to put him in daycare either. I’m guessing more just because on how expensive it is. Though, on a lighter note, Jon is taking me to my first Wild game of the season next week. Him and I are taking our good friend who is back form Iraq with. So it will be the three of us. I am so excited. I can not wait. After the game it will be us packing for out trip to Tennessee to visit my grandparents. They are so excited to see him. Same with my uncles and aunts. November is going to be one busy month for us. I can not wait.

A Huge Surprise

Jackson got a huge surprise this weekend. Jack and I were just going to go over to my moms house to hang out with the family while Jon was at airsoft, and who was there to greet us? Katelin! She came into town during her 3 day weekend. She surprised everyone by coming into town. It was her first time seeing Jackson in person. Other than that,  she has only seen him on skype. It was a wonderful surprise. Also this weekend we had some visitors over at the house. Leslie, Michael, and Alicia came over to see Jackson. The last time they had seen him was in the hospital. It was really wonderful to visit with the three of them.

Other than all of that, Jackson turned 1 month today. These past 4 weeks have gone by so fast. He as grown so much (from what people have told me).  He’s still not sleeping through the night, but he has started to sleep 3-4 hours at a time. It has been really great. I can not wait for him to start sleeping a little longer and maybe start taking naps during the day, which he has not been doing.

A Very Busy Weekend

We had a very busy weekend this week.  Saturday our friends Mac and Dee came over to visit.  Mac and Jon worked really hard to finish painting our garage. Its starting to look really organized, finally. It has taken a while but at least it is starting to get done. Dee and I stayed inside with Jackson and made dinner and visited while the guys were in the garage.

Sunday was our most filled day. Jon and I had a wedding to go to in the morning and we left Jackson with his first baby sitter.  The wedding was beautiful. It was my friends Natalie and Kevin and it was at the Renaissance Festival. It was a good thing we got a sitter. It was 35 degrees that morning. It ended up to be a really nice day later on but still it was too cold for the little guy.  Jon and I walked around the festival for a little while before we went home. It was nice to have some time just us. We did end up missing Jack towards the middle of day. After the long day, we came home and relaxed with Jack.