Today was not anything too special. Much like any other day.  Jackson rolled over from his tummy to his back all by himself. He’s getting that down pretty well. We also watched, for the first time, one of our baby genius DVD’s. He seemed to like it because he was watching the TV the entire time. I also think that he may recognize the music that they were playing (Mozart) because I listened to classical music while I was pregnant a lot. It was pretty cute though.

He also went to his first restaurant today as well.  Chris and Kent took us to Doolittles tonight for dinner. He slept the entire time. I hope he does a lot of that tomorrow. It will be our first whole day at home together. Jon is going back to work. I am a little nervous just because I won’t have those extra hands when I really need them. But we shall see how it goes. Other than that, he will be attending his first happy hour tomorrow at Bear Country.

Finally Get to Meet Me!

Jackson has finally met all of his great grandparents. John and Edna came up for the day to meet him. They were so excited to get here, it was too bad that the weather was so bad. It took them a little longer to get here but I was just happy that they got here. They came up for the day and now they are on their way to see Katelin in South Dakota.

First Big Outing

Jackson’s first big outing was at a family BBQ. It was a lot of fun. Jon and I just let everyone else take care of him while we actually got to eat together. It was really nice. Jackson slept the whole time. He woke up a couple of times, but other than that he slept. It worried me that he may not sleep that night but I was lucky that he only woke up every couple of hours; so I got a little sleep.

We have a doctors appointment on Tuesday just for a weight appointment. The pediatrician wants to make sure he is still gaining weight.  I’m pretty sure that he has. Its amazing how I can tell that he is growing and gaining weight.

Just the start of things

Today was the first day we had tummy time. He did not seem to mind it too much. I usually see and hear about other babies hating it and screaming during that time. Jack just kind of was like “ok this isn’t so bad”. He also rolled back onto his back all by himself. I was really shocked, even though I have not seen him do it again since then.

The formula thing has been working pretty well. I still do not really like the idea of having to give him formula though. We alternate it between formula and breast milk. So at least he’s getting that nutrient from me still. The only major problem is the smell of the formula. Never liked that smell and now its one that we have to deal with. Oh well.

Sleep is something that is non existent right now. I let Jon sleep during the night so that he can get up for work (he also gets really crabby when he doesn’t get enough sleep). I get 1 hr here and there. So I get maybe a total of 4-5 hrs a day. I don’t really get too much more than that. Sleeping when Jack sleeps is not something that I really do even though everyone tells me thats when I should be. With so much to do around the house ie laundry and picking up, that is the only time that I really have to do anything. Now and then I take a little nap when he does but it doesn’t happen often.

We are slowly getting the hang of everything though. I think soon, this whole baby thing will be a piece of cake, and when that happens, he’ll be a toddler and then we will have to get used to that.

Two, two, and two

So yeah, I’m still not the greatest at figuring out what to post or nearly as good as writing these like one of friends that has her own blog, one which you should really check out she posts some awesome pictures she takes around the metro area, either way though I as the title of this post says there are three things that happened twice so far.

We have had our first two nights at home with him so far. Personally I thought the first night was better then the second, but that also has to do with the fact that each night he is home I feel as though I get less and less sleep.  Yes many people have told me that when he is napping that is when I should be napping as well, the problem with that is though I feel is the fact that when he is sleeping I want to get things done that I can’t do when he is awake.  In the end I either do it during the day when he is sleeping or I do it at night when both him and I should be sleeping.  One thing for sure though is I have been meaning to finish getting our garage finished even before he got here and I still don’t have it complete.  Granted I am very happy that I got the new shelves build thanks to my father but I still need to load them up and finish painting the garage as well.  Its a large project that needs to get done and I hope it will get done soon.  So there then my rambling about not getting the garage done, the first “two” in the title is for the fact that we have had two nights at home so far.

Next up the second “two”.  This two, well, we have already had two visits to the doctors office.  Kelly and I both thought that when they discharged her and Jackson that they wanted her to make an appointment to see the doctor within the next 48 hours to see them just for a quick check up.  Well we did just that. She called on Monday to see if she could get an appointment on Tuesday.  Moments later she got a call back asking if we could come in later that day to see the doctor as they had a few concerns.  What were their concerns?  Well needless to say the little guy was making plenty of dirty diapers while in the hospital but once we got home on Sunday not so much.  They were a little concerned that he wasn’t either A.) getting enough to eat or B.) for some reason wasn’t dirtying enough diapers.  We brought him in on Monday and they decided that he needs to go on formula along with breast milk because he was loosing too much weight.  When he was born he weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces.  Just before we brought him home he weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces.  And lastly when we brought him into the doctors office he only weighed 7 pounds. Because of the weight loss they felt it would be best to put him on formula to try to build that weight back up.  After talking about it a little while Kelly and I agreed that it was a good idea to put him on both.  Went to the doctors office again today and well surprise, surprise his weight has gone up, he seems more alert when he is awake, seems to be making more dirty diapers (and boy are they dirty), and lastly seems to be sleeping a little better as well.  All in all we are happy we gave the doctor a call on Monday to schedule an appointment for Tuesday and told them our concerns.

And well, as far as the third and final “two”, yeah I don’t remember what it was about.

I think that’s about all for now.  Its getting late, need to get some sleep, and well, he needs to get feed.  Good night world. See you tomorrow for another adventure. I leave you with a picture Kelly and I just had to take tonight. We title it “somebody loves their nook“.

Hello World!

That’s what Jackson Scott Sundquist said on Friday September 10, 2010 at 11:06 in the morning.  He came into the world weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long.